Advanced Certificate in Advanced Corporate Finance

Coach: Neil Botten more info
Cost of study: 304 000 тенге
Durations: 12 week
Start dates: the 20th of each month
Advanced Certificate in Advanced Corporate Finance

important role in solving the financial problems which commonly arise in all types of organisations.

Over the course of this 12-week programme you will learn the principal financial tools and models used throughout the corporate finance sector including; the time value of money, the cost of consumer credit, and the implications of purchasing power. You will also look at preparing reports on discounting, compounding, annuities and perpetuities, all while honing your analytical and decision making skills for the future.
The Advanced Certificate in Corporate Finance is available year-round. The enrolment process is quick and convenient, and once approved by our programme advisors you can begin using the InterActive web-platform, which gives you access to a range of online resources:

Online tests* allow you to check your knowledge of key concepts as you study
Informative lectures delivered via HD-quality videos, with pre-prepared lecture notes
Bring your studies up-to-date with our current, real-world case studies
Email your programme tutor and network with your fellow students online
Revision kits* allow you to refresh the knowledge you’ve learned
Our online resources fully prepare you for all of your exams and assignments
* For courses where it is appropriate only.

The course contains a range of highly informative sub-topics covering the field of corporate finance, and you will learn how to solve the financial problems which can arise in all types of organisations:

Introduction to finance, the financial environment, and the principles of finance
The concept of the time value of money and the math of finance, finding interest rates and time requirements
Compounding to determine future values and discounting to determine present values
Perpetuities and annuities and inflation or purchasing power implications
Future value of an annuity and future value of an annuity due
Frequent compounding or discounting intervals
Annual percentage rate versus equivalent annual rates of interest and the cost of consumer credit
This 12 week certificate contains two assessments, both of which need to receive satisfactory marks in order to receive your advanced certificate from London School of Business and Finance.