Certificate in Business Psychology

Coach: Harish Chandra Gyawali MA, MBA more info
Cost of study: 304 000 тенге
Durations: 12 week
Start dates: the 20th of each month
Certificate in Business Psychology

Are you curious as to why particular individuals behave in certain ways in the workplace? Or are you more interested in the theoretical practices associated with business psychology?

In today's fast-paced working environment learning and understanding how to evaluate employees using both quantitative and qualitative approaches, by conceptualising and measuring individual differences, are keys to success. This certificate is designed for the experienced working professional who is interested in obtaining an overview of this fascinating area business area.
Intake for this LSBF certificate programme is open throughout the year. Once you have been admitted onto the course you will have a wealth of helpful study-tools at your disposal via the InterActive web-platform:

Online tests* allow you to check your knowledge of key concepts as you study
Informative lectures delivered via HD-quality videos, with pre-prepared lecture notes
Bring your studies up-to-date with our current, real-world case studies
Email your programme tutor and network with your fellow students online
Revision kits* allow you to refresh the knowledge you’ve learned
Our online resources fully prepare you for all of your exams and assignments
* For courses where it is appropriate only.

The course syllabus contains 7 fascinating and highly rewarding sub-topics which HR professionals from all backgrounds will find beneficial:

Intelligence: definitions and theories
Individual differences in intelligence
Intelligence and measurement in the workplace
Psychodynamic theories, transactional analysis humanistic theories, and phenomenological and idiographic measures of personality
Quantitative personality measurement
Emotional intelligence
Ageing and performance critical perspectives on personality and intelligence
You will complete two assessments during your programme; a 1500 word written report during your 6th week of study, followed by a 1.5 hour exam in your final week.