Advanced Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership

Coach: Emanuela Giangregorio more info
Advanced Certificate in Strategic Management and Leadership
Cost of study: 304 000 тенге
Durations:: 12 week
Start dates the 20th of each month

In our increasingly competitive and globalised market, managers need to be aware of how strategies are formulated and how these same strategies later determine the direction and activities of an organisation. Through seventeen highly informative topics, this programme will equip you with a thorough and comprehensive overview of current strategic leadership methodologies. London School of Business and Finance’s experienced tutors will introduce you to concepts and theories which will aid your understanding of strategic management and decision-making via ‘live’ organisations, ensuring that the tutoring you are being given is both relevant and up-to-date.
This LSBF course is available throughout the calendar year. Once you have enrolled on the programme you will have access to the InterActive web-platform, which contains a vast array of helpful online study-tools:
• Online tests* allow you to check your knowledge of key concepts as you study
• Informative lectures delivered via HD-quality videos, with pre-prepared lecture notes
• Bring your studies up-to-date with our current, real-world case studies
• Email your programme tutor and network with your fellow students online
• Revision kits* allow you to refresh the knowledge you’ve learned
• Our online resources fully prepare you for all of your exams and assignments
* For courses where it is appropriate only.

This programme syllabus has been designed with the busy professional in mind, and contains 17 informative sub-topics in the field of strategic management and leadership:
1. Introduction to classic concepts of strategic planning processes
2. Corporate mission, vision, value, and goal
3. Business economics: the macroeconomic environment and microeconomic choices
4. Competitive strategies – cost-led and differentiated strategies
5. Organisational resources, cultures and competencies
6. Strategic development options and portfolio models
7. Stakeholder analysis
8. Evaluating strategies and matching them to organisational capabilities
9. The relationship between business ethics and business strategy
10. Contemporary issues in strategic management
11. Competitive advantage through innovation
12. Strategic analysis of internal and external environment
13. Contemporary issues in strategic business management
14. Critical evaluation of strategic planning process
15. Ethics and strategic planning
16. Differentiating between management and leadership
17. Models of leadership
A written assignment of approximately 3500-4500 words will need to be completed, to satisfactory approval, before you receive your advanced certificate from London School of Business and Finance.