Advanced Certificate in Contemporary Issues in Oils, Gas and Energy

Coach: James Milne more info
Cost of study: 304 000 тенге
Durations: 12 week
Start dates: the 20th of each month

This programme will introduce you to the oil, gas and energy sector and the principal factors facing this global industry today. Covering the life cycle of an oil field – from discovery to abandonment – you will see the various steps and entities involved in the process. Key elements of this London School of Business and Finance course include; a discussion of public perception, an analysis of the roles played by governments and other agencies, and a detailed look at the contract law associated with your ‘newly-found’ oil field.
To apply for this course, simply fill in the online enquiry form. After enrolment, you will be granted immediate access to the InterActive platform, which provides you with the following online study facilities:

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Informative lectures delivered via HD-quality videos, with pre-prepared lecture notes
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The programme syllabus consists of 10 fascinating sub-topics in the field of oil, gas, energy, and the contemporary issues currently facing this dynamic and constantly evolving global industry:

Oil and Gas Management I
Oil and Gas Management II
Oil and Gas Management III
Oil and Gas Management IV
Oil and Gas Management V
Oil & Gas Energy Policy and the Environment I
Oil & Gas Energy Policy and the Environment II
Oil and Gas Contract Law I
Oil and Gas Contract Law II
Oil and Gas Contract Law III
You will be required to complete a written assignment of between 3500-4500 words, to satisfactory approval, before you receive your advanced certificate from London School of Business and Finance.