Certificate in Digital Marketing and New Media

Coach: Robert Wood FCMA FCCA MBA more info
Cost of study: 304 000 тенге
Durations: 12 week
Start dates: the 20th of each month
Certificate in Digital Marketing and New Media

ou will begin learning how to best target your consumers through advertising planning, as well as looking at which media outlets are best suited to your campaigns. This will be achieved by studying examples of best practices and worst failure cases by those companies currently working in the advertising and promotion field. The programme will also focus on strategic advertising, brand management, and managing integrated advertising campaigns.
To apply for this course, simply fill in the online enquiry form. After enrolment, you will be granted immediate access to the InterActive platform, which provides you with the following online study facilities:

Online tests* allow you to check your knowledge of key concepts as you study
Informative lectures delivered via HD-quality videos, with pre-prepared lecture notes
Bring your studies up-to-date with our current, real-world case studies
Email your programme tutor and network with your fellow students online
Revision kits* allow you to refresh the knowledge you’ve learned
Our online resources fully prepare you for all of your exams and assignments
* For courses where it is appropriate only.

Throughout your advanced certificate course you will acquire up-to-date knowledge and skills in the following areas:

The place of advertising and planning the advertising II: brand planning, the advertising spiral and target marketing
Target marketing I: the advertising agency, media services, and other services
Target marketing II: the advertiser’s marketing/advertising operation
Advertising management and media tools I: tools of advertising 1
Advertising management and media tools II: tools of advertising 2
Creating advertising I: the process of creating the advertisement 1
Creating advertising II: the process of creating the advertisement 2
Additional environments of advertising I: international advertising
You will be required to complete a written assignment of between 3500-4500 words, to satisfactory approval, before you receive your advanced certificate from London School of Business and Finance.